Concept of Operations

1. A graphic, verbal, or written statement in broad outline that gives an overall picture of a commander's assumptions or intent in regard to an operation or series of operations; includes at a minimum the scheme of maneuver and fire support plan. The concept of operations is embodied in campaign plans and operations plans particularly when the plans cover a series of connected operations to be carried out simultaneously or in succession. It is described in sufficient detail for the staff and subordinate commanders to understand what they are to do and how to fight the battle without further instructions. (AFPM 3-8-1, PAM 3-04, PAM 3-071, PAM 3-041) 2. Is a statement that directs the manner in which subordinate units cooperate to accomplish the mission and establishes the sequence of actions the force will use to achieve the end state. It is normally expressed in terms of decisive, shaping, and sustaining operations. (PAM 3-00)

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