Guerilla Front

A politico-military geographical unit of the CPPINPA which consists of the following: a) a political organization consisting of a front committee, with districts, sections and barrio organizing committees under it; b) a military organization called Front Guerilla Unit I Y Guerilla (FGU I YG), etc which may vary in size from a platoon to several companies; and c) a front territory or AOR consisting of several municipalities straddling provincial and even regional boundaries. This territory or geographical space has two features: 1) a tactical center usually called the central district, located at the remote common boundary of several municipalities or provinces, where insurgent control and influence on the population is almost total; and 2) a forward edge where government control or influence on the population is tenuous. The politico-organizing work of the CPPINPA is aimed at continuously expanding this forward edge. (AFPM 3-8-1)

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