Doctrine Center manages the doctrine development of the Philippine Army. Doctrine Development includes planning, researching, collecting, writing and promulgation of Philippine Army manual.

1. Sets the direction and ensures the formulation and development of sound, balanced and highly utile Philippine Army doctrine through the maintenance of an updated doctrine development roadmap in order to provide a rational sequence and prioritization in the development of doctrine manuals.
2. Facilitates the conduct of test, evaluation and validation of developed doctrine manuals.
3. Provides the necessary supporting structures and equipment for the expeditious development of doctrine manuals.
4. Print manuals, field circulars and other publications during various stages of the doctrine formulation, development, test and evaluation, and promulgation.
5. Facilitates the timely and systematic distribution of manuals and other materials developed by the center.
6. Regulates the use of literatures and references in training through the formulation and establishment of a standard accredited system.
7. Conducts research and studies related to doctrine development.
8. Determines, designs, develops, acquires and maintains information system and technology resources of the center.
    Doctrine development in the Philippine Army began in 1950 with the implementation of Executive Order 289 that delineates doctrine development as one of the fundamental responsibilities of every AFP Major Service. Its primary concept is to provide an authoritative basis on how military forces should conduct military affairs in support of national objectives. On 01 June 1970, the Doctrine Development Center or DODEC was activated as a provisional division of the Philippine Army and subsequently assigned to the Philippine Army School Center (PASC) pursuant to Para 1, GO # 193 dated 27 May 1970. It was commissioned to undertake research and studies on established doctrines, concepts, tactics, and techniques for the Army, then ratify these into diligently-developed doctrines. To further bolster the AFP’s doctrine development mandate, the Office of the Chief, Doctrine Development was activated in 1977 as special staff of the CSAFP.
    The said office oversaw the planning, formulation, and publication of AFP Manuals while providing the necessary refinement of time-tested doctrines. The following year, HPA issued guidelines on doctrine development which resulted to the publication of AFP and Philippine Army Manuals but these were neither implemented nor given due importance. With the enactment of the AFP Modernization Law, Doctrine Center was activated on 01 March 1995 (pursuant to Para II GO Nr 53 dtd 05 April 1995) as one of the major subordinate units of the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command. The Center is actually an offshoot of the DODEC but it was mandated with a more systematized mission which is to ‘formulate, develop, test, evaluate, pre-validate concepts and doctrine for the conduct of Army Operations.”
    Initially based at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija, it was transferred to the PA Command General Staff College (CGSC) Compound at Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila on 11 January 2001 to better address its doctrine liaising among Proponents and Project Management Teams (PMT) comprising the General, Technical, Special, Personal, and other service support staff of the Philippine Army. From then on, the development of doctrines was toughly formalized and schematized with the adoption of both local and foreign military concepts and translating them into more suitable and experienced-based doctrines.
    These were the published in the form of Philippine Army Manuals or PAMs and were distributed among various PA units and selected AFP Major Services’ components. One crucial accomplishment is the revision and publication of the Philippine Army Basic Doctrine (PAM 1) which became the capstone doctrine manual for all Functional Areas of the Army. Supplemental Publication (SP), Special texts (ST) and Field Circulars (FC) were added to provide additional information in relation to these PAMs were meant to be included in the next revision of each PAM which is doctrinally valid for a period of five (5) years. By virtue of HTRADOC message (C NTRADOC/OPN-2504-11162 dated 5 April 2011), Doctrine Center was co-located with HTRADOC, Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac on 27 April 2011.
    Among Proponents & PMTs while embarking on an ambitious endeavor to further develop capstone PAMs (secondary and tertiary) and likewise revise PAMs that have elapsed its 5-year doctrinal validity. One key feat is the revision of PAM 8-01 (Doctrine Development) during the 3rd Quarter of CY 2013 which provides a more simplified but substantial doctrine process. On 15 February 2013, the mission of Doctrine Center was finally enacted by virtue of TRADOC Implementing Directive # 9: “To manage the doctrine development in the Army”. Aside from its traditional mandate of developing doctrines for the Army, this new mission shall encompass a greater scale in terms of doctrine development through the generation of feedbacks and the actual field testing, evaluation, and validation of PA doctrines. This, in turn, will lead into the conceptualization of a Lessons Learned System that would complement these PA doctrines while providing a more responsive evolution of the Philippine Army in the future.

Inscribed around the unit's seal/logo is the title "Doctrine Center, TRADOC. PA".
- At the Center of the inner circle is the ‘flaming torch’ represents enlightenment in attaining army standards.
- The army's open book symbolizes the foundation of knowledge that is anchored on continuous research and doctrinal development.
- The quill pen stands for the continuing effort to conceptualize or modernize doctrines for the Philippine Army.
- The bottled ink symbolizes the origin of wisdom that flows from the substantive experiences gleaned from Army operations and other notable historical data.
- The two (2) ‘laurel leaves’ encircling the interior are emblematic of the Center's quest for excellence that would transform the Philippine Army into a world-class entity that is a source of national pride.
- The Center's motto ‘Gabay sa Tagumpay’ governs the Center's mission which is to manage the doctrine development in the Army.
Yellow - represents integrity and competence in carrying out its mission.
Blue - symbolizes the vast horizon of knowledge that needs to be explored through continuous studies and research.
Black - manifests the dependability and firm resolve of the Center in providing directions.
Green - denotes growth or progressive outcome in all its undertakings.
Lineage of Commanders
No Names Inclusive Date
1 LTC DANTE S BONIFACIO O-5692 (INF) PA 01 Nov 1989 – 16 Dec 1990
2 LTC RODOLFO B JAVELLANA O-97166 (QMS) PA 16 Dec 1990 – 08 Nov 1991
3 COL ARSENIO L TECSON O-5641 INF (GSC) PA 08 Nov 1991 – 15 Dec 1991
4 MAJ EDUARDO D DEL ROSARIO O- 8099 (FA) 04 Oct 1993 – 15 Jul 1994
5 COL FILOMENO R GARCIA JR O-5896 INF (GSC) PA 15 Jul 1995 – 22 Jan 1996
6 LTC ROMULO P PARICA O-104271 (FA) PA 22 Jan 1996 – 01 May 1996
7 LTC JUPITER Y BATAYOLA O-6567 (INF) PA 01 May 1996 – 01Aug 1996
8 COL EDILBERTO P ADAN O-6223 INF (GSC) PA 01 Aug 1996 – 16 Feb 1997
9 COL JOVITO S PALPARAN O-6562 INF (JSSC) PA 17 Feb 1997 – 30 Jun 1998
10 LTC NEHEMIAS G PAJARITO O-7829 FA (GSC) PA 30 Jun 1998 – 24 Aug 1998
11 LTC ELY B BAUTISTA O-103162 (INF) PA 24 Aug 1998 – 16 Mar 2000
12 LTC REYNALDO O PAMBID O-107209 CAV(GSC) PA 16 May 2000 – 16 Jan 2001
13 COL ERNESTO R ARADANAS O-7914 INF (GSC) PA 16 Jan 2001 – 31 Oct 2001
14 LTC HONORATO S DE LOS REYES O-8143 FA (GSC)PA 01 Nov 2001 - 27 Jun 2002
15 COL RESTITUTO L AGUILAR O-7789 (GSC) PA 27 Jun 2002 - 13 Dec 2003
16 LTC EDRIC G PADILLA O-9191 (FA) PA 13 Dec 2003 - 08 Jan 2004
17 LTC ALEXANDER V AMBAL O-9542 (FA) PA 08 Jan 2004 - 16 Mar 2006
18 COL NOEL B MIANO O-8376 OS (MNSA) PA 16 Mar 2006 - 01 Feb 2007
19 COL RAMON ROQUE M JUEVES O-8378 CE (MNSA) PA 01 Feb 2007 – 01 Sep 2008
20 COL GLORIOSO V MIRANDA O-8762 INF (MNSA) PA 01 Sep 2008 - 13 May 2009
21 LTC RIZALEO C ASUNCION O-10134 (INF) PA 13 May 2009 – 31 May 2009
22 COL VICENTE M YORDAN O-8586 CE (GSC) PA 01 Jun 2009 – 28 Apr 2010
23 COL EDWIN O CAÑETE O-115260 OS (GSC) PA 29 Apr 2010 – 02 Jun 2010
24 COL JOSE ANTONIO CARLOS B MOTRIL O-8983 INF (GSC) PA 03 Jun 2010 – 15 Mar 2014
25 COL GLORIVINE R DIDA O-9609 INF (GSC) PA 16 Mar 2014 – 21 Dec 2015
26 COL RYNELL R MORE O-9974 MI (GSC) PA 16 Feb 2016 – 31 Jan 2017
27 COL EDGARDO C PALMA O-10614 FA (MNSA) PA 31 Jan 2017 - 15 Feb 2017
28 COL ALVIN V FLORES O-10846 INF (MNSA) PA 15 Feb 2017 - to Date