We are currently in deep, constant pursuit of meaning on the different factors affecting our operational environment. At the core of our totality as military professionals is the critical calling to find the truth, for us to be able to operate and serve to the fullest extent. Similarly, in everything that was, there is, and whatever will be, it is part of our military responsibility to always document the things we do and seek for ways in which to deliver our purpose in the best manner possible. This is the main reason why we believe on the need for research to prevail in various military fields. Admittedly, research capability is fast becoming a glaring requirement now, more than ever, by the Philippine Army in general, and the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) in particular. In the TRADOC Research Agenda 2018-2022, the following general principles were specified as guidelines in conducting research: Research is the ultimate expression of an individual’s innovative and creative powers. TRADOC shall ensure that its academic environment nurtures and supports military research talents. Research thrives in an environment characterized by free flow of information, honest and analytical exchange of ideas, and supportive policy and administrative structures. TRADOC’s policies shall enhance the Command’s and the individual’s capacity to conduct independent, collaborative and productive research. Research is one of the main functions of TRADOC. Army schools and research centers are expected to lead in the conduct of military-based, policy-oriented, technology-directed and innovative/creative researches that are locally responsive and globally competitive.  

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