Army Air Missile Defense Operations PAM 3-0803-01

     The purpose of this manual is to guide Army commanders in planning and executing air and missile defense operations in support to an integrated defensive counterair operations as part of an overall military strategy in addressing security threats from the air.      This manual also presents an overview of Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Operations in a layered concept of air defense and its links to various tasks and systems, operational and maneuver concepts and types of military operations. It also presents the basic air defense principle and standards, and highlights the need for a balanced application of Air Defense Artillery (ADA) employment guidelines and engagement operations principles towards the successful conduct of AMD operations. The manual also outlines AMD operations in support to offensive and defensive operations as part of the overall campaign strategy to defeat enemy on land and further describes the role that army air defense artillery units perform in support to shaping, decisive and sustainment operations. In addition, various sustainment imperatives that would sustain and prolong AMD operations to achieve successful mission accomplishment were presented as well as command and control in AMD operations particularly on the role of the ADA commander and the importance of a command and control system in accomplishing AMD missions.

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