Army Operations (PAM 3-00)

          This document describes the emerging operational doctrine of the Philippine Army at the start of the 21st century. Based largely on the US Army Field Manual 3-0 (Operations) published in 2001 and revised in 2008, this document seeks to craft an appropriate doctrine for the Philippine Army in the conduct of its multifarious missions. Other references include the local doctrines and manuals of the AFP and the Philippine Army, and the Primer of the Joint Advanced Warfighting School (JAWS) in 2009 conducted by the Joint Forces Staff College under the US National Defense University.           The American doctrine on LAND POWER is the basis of the emerging Philippine Army doctrine on LAND DOMINATION that both use the framework of FULL SPECTRUM OPERATIONS as the operational concept. LAND DOMINATION in the Philippine context hopes to combine the strengths of FULL SPECTRUM OPERATIONS with the operational experiences of the Philippine Army. These experiences stem from our exposure in counter-insurgency and counter-secessionism operations in the Philippines since the late 1960’s. Consequently, the underlying aim is to replace the AIR-LAND BATTLE DOCTRINE that the Philippine Army has adopted since the 1950’s. The author must, however, point out that this doctrine does not pre-suppose that we must have the military might of the United States of America in terms of military hardware and technology before we can adopt the operational concept here in the local setting. This document is based on what capabilities we currently have and what we are capable of acquiring in the near future.           This document therefore would like to present this emerging doctrine for testing, ratification, and adoption not only by the Philippine Army leadership, but down to the Philippine Army’s lowliest soldier as well. Comments, discussions, and corrections in the context of applicability and practicality in the Philippine setting are very welcome.           The purpose of this manual is to provide policies and guidelines for the conduct of Army Operations which aim to promote, guide, and direct operational principles in the sphere of Army Operations in support to national objectives.           The intention of this publication is to provide Army Personnel (Officers, EP and civilian employees) of all levels and in all units of the AFP a guide in the performance of their duties, functions and responsibilities.

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