Breaching NPAs Invincible Fortress in Bicol

 Documenting best practices and lessons learned is an operational standard in the Philippine Army. To save time, resources, and, most of all, lives, good use of experience is a way to achieve long-term success. In the fight against insurgency, the military is only a fraction of the solution. Fighting the country's lingering insurgency necessitates a multifaceted approach and demands a concerted effort of all concerned sectors of the society. For this reason, the military has been committed in fulfilling the purpose of IPSP "Bayanihan" and is now reaping the gains of its implementation. The 903rd Infantry Brigade's success story is one of these. The said story discusses the geographic, economic, and political factors that influence the dynamics in the brigade's area of operations. A firm grasp of these factors enables a commander to see clearly the "operational picture", thus allowing him to make decisions with much ease. The ISO accomplishments mentioned in this material stress the need to gain not only physical but also psychological dominance over the enemy. Let this initiative inspire other field units to come forward with their own success stories. Let us all learn from the ideas, examples, and experiences published herein.

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