This document describes the broad framework to guide the management and employment of Command and Control Communications, and Cyber Systems (C4S). It is based largely on PAM 11-00 (Communications, Electronics, and Information Systems Manual) published in      Aligned with PAM 3-00 (Army Operations), this paper strives to craft an appropriate doctrine for the Philippine Army, specifically the role of C4S in army mission, infrastructures, and the Signal Corps which composes the personnel resources of the system. Other references include the local doctrines and manuals of the AFP and the Philippine Army, and the Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-0 Mission Command published in 2012 by the US Headquarters, Department of the Army.      C4S is founded on the idea that having continuous, uninterrupted flow and processing of information in support of warrior planning, decision, and execution, by making information accessible with its qualities; interoperable, flexible, responsive, mobile, disciplined, survivable, and sustainable. Though this manual, understands the C4S principles for joint and multinational operations that bring together diverse military organizations operating as one force with robust and secure infrastructure. Some of the things it includes are radios, wires, computers, data machines and other means used for the electrical, electro-magnetic and visual transmission, reception, storage and display of information or messages in a clear audio, video or by cryptographic means; all ground electronic devices and system for the control and tracking of vehicles, electronic weather equipment, electronic countermeasure devices; and related electronics systems and equipment. This document is also based on the current capabilities and the future competencies of PA.      Since its purpose is to provide Army personnel (officers, EP, and civilian employees) of all levels and in all units of the AFP policies and guidelines for the management of Command and Control Communications, and Cyber Systems (C4S), performance of their duties, functions, and responsibilities.

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