With the passage of GHQ Letter Directive 28, recognizing cyberspace as one of the domains of Armed Forces of the Philippines operation, a question came out to mind on how the Philippine Army (PA) will operate in this new type of domain. While the Army is not new to emerging information technologies, the challenge is how these technologies could be doctrinally part of an operation or be an operation in itself.      This manual sets forth the principal concepts, guidelines and other considerations in conducting Cyberspace Operations. It puts into context both its similarity as well as distinction against regular combat operations, especially in terms of planning and execution. More importantly, this manual shall identify how cyberspace operations fits in to the overall operational concept of the Philippine Army and with other Major Services in joint operations.      This manual also serves as reference to the following: Army commanders who wish to take full advantage of the available cyber assets in support of their mission Signal officers and personnel who shall be at forefront of delivering cyber related services to their supported units Sustainment planners tasked to sustain this type of operation. Other major service 6 for their consideration in conducting joint operation with the Philippine Army. Policies, rules, regulations and other publications inconsistent to this publication are hereby rescinded.

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