Combined Arms Operations (PAM 3-03)

          In order to holistically achieve the Philippine Army’s vision of becoming “a world-class Army that is a source of national pride”, it is imperative that the Army continuously develop the capability of its forces to be able to keep pace and be adaptable to the fast changing operational environment and to effectively execute its mandate as a dependable ground force.           One of the emphases given by Commanding General, Philippine Army is to develop the Philippine Army’s capability in combined arms operations. He pointed out that the successful conduct of operations hinge on the proper force mix and employment of Army capabilities.           Likewise, as outlined in the Philippine Army Operating Concept and the Landpower Maneuver Concept, central to the Philippine Army fighting capability is the conduct of combined arms operations. It is a distinctive competency of the Philippine army that applies its different combat and combat support capabilities in the conduct of military affairs across the range of all Army operations. But because of the absence of doctrine, the critical capability of PA forces to plan for and conduct combined arms operations have not been fully entrenched in the Army. It is therefore imperative for the Army to develop this Combined Arms Operations doctrine as this will serve as guide for the commanders in the planning, integrating, synchronizing and employment of a proper force mix capable of maximizing all warfighting functions and rapidly accomplish he mission in any given environment. The manual will also provide useable guides for training planners and managers on the conduct of combined arms training exercise that will develop PA units into a combined arms capable fighting force.           Stakeholders of this Combined Arms Operations manual are the Army field commanders, combat support and combat service support units, PA Education and Training institutions, other AFP units directly involved in operations and individuals involved in the planning and execution of joint and combined arms operations.

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