Concept Development Training

In line with the unit’s objective in creating a capability and concept development system, the Center has programmed a Concept Development Training in order to enhance the skills of the personnel of this center including selected TRADOC personnel on research and concept development and military concept paper writing.
The 3-day training was conducted last 12-14 May 2022 and attended by 22 participants. It was done in 3 phases: Phase I – Critical Thinking and Creative Writing, Phase II – Introduction to Academic Writing, and Phase III – Presentation of Output facilitated by Captain Gilbert L. Facunla as SME.
Cpt. Facunla emphasized the importance of concept development training in achieving the mission of the center, accomplishing tasks, addressing errors in military concept papers, and contributing to the development of Philippine Army Manuals. Continuing this best practice of educating and training personnel of DACIC, will contribute to the overall accomplishment of TRADOC’s mission.

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