Countering Pintakasi and Whirlwind Techniques

     The Pintakasi and Whirlwind Attack employed by the Southern Philippines Secessionist Groups had pinned down units, claimed many lives of soldiers, and greatly hampered mission accomplishment in the areas where these threat groups are operating. Over time, the troops have managed to be knowledgeable of the said enemy tactics and subsequently, turned their experiences into lessons learned and effective counter TTPs.      To benefit other units in the SPSG areas, the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, G3, PA commissioned the 1st Infantry Division, PA to share their experiences and come up with a handbook that would serve as a reference in countering the Pintakasi and Whirlwind technique. This initiative is also spearheaded with on ultimate goal of preventing repetition of the debacles suffered by the operating troops against the SPSGs as well as providing additional basis in the conduct of trainings.       The reference material unravels with a brief background of the secessionist groups practicing the said tactics, goes on with a detailed discussion of the Pintakasi and the maneuver technique called the Whirlwind, and concludes with the lessons learned and combat TTPs of the units in liD. The content is also mode more comprehensive by the personal accounts of key officers and sketch of the enemy tactics that are interspersed between the discussions.

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