Counterinsurgency Operations PAM 3-0401

Counterinsurgency manual is primarily intended for commanders and key personnel of Army units to provide important principles in operational planning and design on the conduct of counterinsurgency operations. Counterinsurgency, being a fluid operation, requires coordination and synchronized efforts from strategic to operational level to which tactical objectives must be aligned. Also, military efforts must support other agencies of government and stakeholders to achieve the political goal. This manual aims to synchronize efforts in planning, execution and coordinated military actions in countering subversive forces and preventing its re-immergence after its defeat in the battlefield. Counterinsurgency (COIN) planning and its successful execution are the core purpose of this manual. It intends the commander’s plan be made in accordance with strategic level and successfully executed at the operational and tactical levels. This manual provides a doctrinal insight of engaging enemies of the state in all domains of warfare including cyberspace. Today’s insurgency is built on the war of information towards shaping the public opinion and, at the same time, defeating the enemy in the battlefield and degrading his will to fight. The proponent of this manual is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Education and Training, G8, Philippine Army. However, the Doctrine and Capability Integration Center (P), Training and Doctrine Command, Philippine Army is responsible in the review and updating of this publication. Send comments and recommendations to the Commander, TRADOC, PA, Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac, (Attn: Director, DACIC) or via email at and through its website at Feedbacks to this publication are also welcome telephonically via the Bonifacio Telephone Exchange trunk line number 845-9555 or military local line number 7650 extension 4971.

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