Detection and Prevention TTPs to Counter IEDs

The continuous rise in the number of lED attacks perpetrated by various threat groups and the alarming increase on the resulting casualties of state actors and collateral innocent victims put into perspective the need to counter this emerging weapon of choice in sowing out terror to advance malicious agenda. Such conditions stressed the urgency to minimize if not negate the destructive and lethal impacts of these lED attacks. Consequently, these gave rise to several studies, training, and seminars to increase the awareness of the populace and expand the knowledge of security forces for better protection and security of the citizens, government personnel and property. The Philippine Army, as one of the main security state actors, deemed it necessary for the troops to have the superior skills and knowledge on countering lEOs in order to effectively accomplish its mandate to protect the people and the state. Hence, the Army endeavored to come up with a readily available material such as this handbook to aid each soldier in detecting lED and preventing a great deal of losses and destructions it might cause. Putting into account the best practices and lessons learned of PA units, the content of this handbook should become more than just pieces of information. Rather, they should be translated as an organized and consolidated operational knowledge that will be used to the Army's advantage.

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