Doctrine Writers Training Cl 6 & 7-2019

             This Center is currently embarking on projects that will speed-up the doctrine development of the Army. Also, the approval of Doctrine Development Roadmap by the Philippine Army Doctrine Board (PADB) highlighted the Center’s line of effort (LOE) – research capable doctrine development. These activities and LOE are expected to improve the Army’s capability to fast track doctrine development.

             In order to pursue the above-mentioned goal, this Center conducted the 6th and 7th batches of Doctrine Writer’s Training (DWT) in partnership with Tarlac State University (TSU) for a period of two (2) weeks for each training. The participants were composed of doctrine officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees from the different units and offices of the Philippine Army.

              The 6th batch of DWT was conducted last 27 June – 07 July 2019 at TRADOC Library, Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac while the 7th batch was conducted last 29 July – 09 August 2019 at Tarlac State University, Villa Lucinda Campus, Tarlac City with COL GULLIVER L SE?IRES MNSA (INF) PA, Chief of Staff, TRADOC, PA and MGEN ROY T DEVESA, Commander, TRADOC as keynote speaker during the closing ceremony, respectively.

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