Doctrine Writers Writing 08-2020

     The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country  is having a great impact to the administration, operations and especially training of TRADOC. This is especially true for the subordinate units such as the Doctrine and Capability Integration Center as it institute measures to adhere to TRADOC guidelines to fight Covid-19 and at the same time perform its mission.

     DACIC continue to perform its mission to manage doctrine development and integrate capabilities in order to improve Army operations. Thus, last July 20-31, 2020 this Center conducted the Doctrine Writers Training Class 08-2020 held at Mount Peniel Prayer Mountain and Campsite, Brgy Camp O’Donnell (Patling), Capas, Tarlac. The Doctrine Writers Training (DWT) has been regularly facilitated by Doctrine and Capability Integration Center as one of the major activities of the center. The training equipped the writer participants with right knowledge on the techniques and procedures of writing doctrine manual. The objective is to fast track the development of doctrine manuals. In addition, the training enhanced the research capability and writing skills of our doctrine writers and researchers.

     With the new normal procedures of TRADOC having less face-to- face interaction and physical distancing, the training was successfully carried out. The hybrid training method was implemented through the concerted effort of the officers and support personnel of DACIC headed by Col Alvin Flores and lecturers from Tarlac State University.

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