Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operations PAM 3-0101

This publication provides guidance for the Philippine Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operations. This consists of systems and processes on how the EOD personnel and units conduct their activities for operations and training. This also provides integration of EOD and CBRN operations in an area whether unexploded ordnance and CBRN contamination/threat exist at the same time.       This publication also describes the importance of EOD in the Army operations. The principles of EOD Operations were developed to underpin the safety precaution and measures during EOD incidents. To operationalize the said principles, a responsive EOD organization was developed with its missions, functions, capabilities and limitations including the particular responsibilities and qualifications of the different personnel in the unit.       This manual also stipulates the detailed description of processes and methods specifically required in the conduct of EOD operations, EOD Technical Support Operations, and Render Safe Procedures which are essential knowledge that would capacitate the EOD unit to effectively respond during explosive incidents.       This publication is for the use of EOD personnel, EOD units and training institutions for EOD operations. This is also applicable as reference for commanders of higher units which directly supervise and employ EOD units as OPCOM, TACOM, OPCON or TACON. This will provide said commanders a clear knowledge on how the EOD units and personnel operate in different situations. As such, these commanders will be guided on the proper employment of the EOD units according to its capabilities and limitations.      Personnel without proper security clearance are not authorized to use this manual. This may be reviewed and updated as frequent as possible in order to suit the needs of the force employer and to keep abreast of the ever-changing technology.

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