GESCON Manual (PAM 2-033)

     This publication contains the basic concepts of the conduct of both manual and electronic GESCON as an analytical tool in order to facilitate analysis of the situation. Since this is the first time that a formal and integrated concept for GESCON is written, sources include different sources such as foreign and technical manuals that are being used by the Philippine Army. Other sources also include training materials from The Intelligence School, ISG, PA, and policies and directives in effect during the development.      Included in this manual is the step-by-step procedure for the conduct of e-GESCON using ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v.9, ESRI ArcMAP v.9, MS SQL Server 2000, and MS Windows XP operating system. These are the current software being utilized by the PA Intelligence organization at the time of publication where the application for e-GESCON is based. However, using a different set of similar software from the aforementioned may result to inapplicability of certain procedures contained in this manual.

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