Implementing Whole-of-Nation Approach (WONA) in Northern Mindanao

     The Whole of Nation Approach or WONA is a concept that the AFP have been promoting for quite a time. Insurgency in the country remains because of a huge mismatch in the problem and the solution government provides. Insurgency is a problem based on social, political, and economic realities, which for many decades have been given to the AFP to resolve. The security sector for quite a time has realized that military solution alone cannot end insurgency. It is a societal problem and a multifaceted one that is linked with many aspects of governance and citizenship.      Fortunately today, the concept of WONA is gaining much traction anchored on the experiences in the Quadratic Approach of Lambat Bitag, the Holistic Approach of Bantay Laya, and most recently Bayanihan. The fractured nature of the Philippine Society is transforming-is correcting itself; although, not as fast as we want it to be; but enough to sustain and advance the concept of WONA to another level. Think and act not as individual parts but as a nation. Change can only happen and can only be sustained with this national learning as one.

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