Improvised Explosives Devices and Counter Measures PAM 3-0602-01

     The purpose of this manual is to provide the readers the tactical and a doctrinal guide on the aspect of identifying Improvised Explosives Devices and established concepts and procedures in countering the threat posed by the employment of enemy forces of such kind of weapons.      This manual supplements other operational manuals involving other aspects related to army operations. The primary intent of this manual is to provide the users the fundamental knowledge concerning IED’s; its constructions, enemy employment, and guide in dealing with such devices.      The information contained in this manual is intended to make each soldier aware of the ways which the enemy use IEDs and to describe the means to effectively protect one’s self and unit from these devices. To aid in this objective, IEDs frequently used by the threat groups are identified and described.      This manual also provides the common language to the different users. It provides a common understanding to address IED threats. By doing so, it paves way in standardizing terminology across IED reports and improving database management, IED related education and training; and development of IED policy and improving Army doctrine.

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