Infantry Battalion Operations (SP 3-013)

     This reference material provides doctrinal guide in the conduct of important mission areas of an infantry battalion whether in conventional and unconventional warfare. It establishes a common base of tactical knowledge from which specific solutions to battalion-level tactical problems can be developed. It includes guidance in the conduct of offensive, defensive and retrograde operations and how these operations can be supported.      The target audience for this reference material includes battalion commanders and staffs, company commanders, and special platoon leaders of the infantry battalion. It can also be used by Army training schools and units.      In using the concepts contained herein, Commanders and subordinate leaders must instill an individual awareness of individual and unit safety. Soldiers must be constantly alert and careful in situations that could result in injury or death. Risk must be balanced against requirements. Hazardous conditions must be monitored and controlled. At no time should leaders compromise safety for speed. The welfare of soldiers must be considered in all situations.

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