Infantry Rifle Squad (FC 3-0151)

     This field circular focuses on the universally accepted Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures in combat operations in any environment and is appropriate in full spectrum of operations.      This reference material primarily aims to provide guidance to the infantry rifle platoon leader, platoon sergeant, squad leader, and fire team leaders; to instructors and students of training units as well as writers involved in infantry manual development. Field commanders and staff officers, service schools, and other military training schools will also benefit greatly from this reference material. Leaders must use these TTPs, but they must not lose sight of the fundamental principles outlined in Chapter 1 - Fundamentals.      Additionally, infantry squad leaders should use this reference material in developing an estimate of the situation and analysis of mission, enemy, terrain, civil considerations, troops and time available. This analysis leads to an effective plan and to a successful accomplishment of the assigned mission.

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