Intelligence Processing, Analysis, and Production (PAM 2-04)

          This publication provides guidelines on Intel Processing, Analysis and Production. The importance of the Intelligence Cycle and production of intelligence product is vital in the military as it provides guidance and basis in the decision making, such as in intelligence operations, of the commanders and other military intelligence personnel. It also serves as a comprehensive and reliable material regarding the Intelligence Cycle and production that best suits the Philippine setting given the internal and external threats that are being confronted as one of the country’s primary concern.           This publication focuses on the processes the information passes through, from its collection, documentation, evaluation, analysis, and until the production of an intelligence product. Defined terms and guidelines are also specified in the book to have a clearer definition and grasp regarding the subject. This also expounds the participation of collecting agencies in the gathering of raw information and how the collected data is transformed into a useful material. Methods used in recording such information are also itemized as well as the evaluation process based on the information’s relevance. The analysis, integration, and interpretation of the collected information is also discussed based on various procedures. The criterion and level of professional competence of an Intelligence Analyst is also specified in one of the chapters of the book. To further understand the purpose of the Intelligence Cycle, the book likewise presents, discusses, and shows the importance of making forecasts in the intelligence production, Document Exploitation and Analysis, Order of Battle Intelligence, and the standard format of intelligence products.

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