Internal Security Operation (ISO)

 The AFP has developed Campaign Plan "Bantay Laya" to provide strategic guidance in the conduct of Internal Security Operations (ISO). It has laid down principles, concepts, and methodologies to guide our tactical units. However, we need to review our ISO effort at the tactical level in order to address the rapid increase in the number of barangays affected by the CPP/NPA movement in spite of the decreasing CPP/NPA strength and firearms. Through the past tears, the number of CPP/NPA Guerilla Fronts has also increased although some of them have practically skeletal organizations.           Thus, is in this context that the Philippine Army formulated an ISO Framework to serve as an operational model in the conduct of a clearing campaign against a Guerrilla Front. The overall intent is to enhance the capability of our Army forces against the CPP/NPA in the Red areas. It envisions to provide unit commanders with additional perspective and understanding to better deal with the insurgency problem.           The ISO Framework was conceptualized specifically for tactical commanders. It likewise prescribes the combination of TRIAD activities and logistics requirements to strengthen the implementation of the operational concepts being adopted.

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