Jungle Operations PAM 3-0501-0101

     Excellence in warfighting remains the top competency of soldiers. As the primary ground force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine Army has extensive experiences in the conduct of jungle operations. Developing Army doctrine for jungle operations will institutionalize the lessons learned and best practices in military operations in this type of terrain.      This manual provides the knowledge and understanding of the jungle environment that will serve as guide for unit commanders in the conduct of combat operations in the jungle terrain. It provides the framework and fundamentals in the conduct of jungle operations and the primary considerations that will affect the decision-making of commanders. It also discusses the planning and execution of combined arms operations in full spectrum and the joint operations.      This manual also serves as guide and reference for the conduct of training and development of training curriculum that will prepare the conventional forces in the conduct of operations in the jungle area.      The primary stakeholders of this manual are the commanders of Army field units, maneuver support units and sustainment units, training institutions, and other AFP units that will be involved in the conduct of jungle operations.

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