Lessons Learned IX

     Lessons Learned -Volume IX is another compilation of selected incidents/encounters against various threat groups in field units in Calendar Year 2003. This handbook is published to enhance the Army's operational capabilities through careful analysis, evaluation, and examination of significant combat operations of Army units in the field.      Likewise, this publication is a practical reference and guide for training of both officers and non-commissioned officers in all career courses, making the training in all Army learning institutions more suitable and ISO focused. It is a recommended material for in-service training as well.      The contents of this handbook provide essential information that is beneficial to the Army personnel. Specifically, Lessons Learned - Volume IX contains several lessons from tre different combat engagements that are operationally suitable, applicable, and effective that could be adopted by field unit commanders at all levels to enhance the Command's major combat efforts. Let us therefore, learn from the lessons brought forth in thispublication, both in favorable and unfulfilled skirmishes of yesteryear.

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