Military Leadership in Challenging Times

     This reference material, Military Leadership in Challenging Times, is a bird's eye view of military leaders of all levels of command who were involved in exceptionally demanding situations and prominent events that challenged their leadership skills and capabilities, professional competence and psychological stability.     Each leader is studied from a much wider perspective from that not customarily seen in the after battle or encounter reports. This wider field of examination is, however, vital to a complete understanding of the mindset of the military leader in command of people and resources. Though a non lethal weapon, this reference material is nevertheless capable of shedding light on recent history and influencing future leadership.     This material endeavors to reinforce the leadership development initiatives of the Philippine Army, to produce leaders who will be willing to take responsibility and to take action when and where required. As in all research studies of this nature, the reader is required to use his discernment and determine the material's applicability to his own set of circumstances.

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