Military Police Operations (PAM 1-11)

          This manual provides information relative to the functions, capabilities, and relationship of the Military Police in support of Army Operations. This manual shall guide all Philippine Army personnel on the planning, organization, deployment, and employment of the Military Police and its importance to Army Operations under the different operational environment it is envisioned to be deployed.           The proponent of this manual is the 191st Military Police Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group, Philippine Army. User of this manual are encouraged to submit recommended changes to improve the manual. Comments should identify the area in which the change is recommended, indicating exactly how a portion should be reworded. Reasons should be provided for each comment to allow complete evaluation. Comments should be forwarded to the 191st MP Battalion, copy furnish Doctrine Center, TRADOC, PA.           This manual is made as a reference for Commanders and soldiers alike in the use and deployment of the Military Police units based on its functions, capabilities, and limitations. The manual includes its relationship with the Army Provost Marshal and other Command relationship to the different levels of command.

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