Night Fighting Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (PAM 3-004)

          The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines for night fighting operations of the Philippine Army and other AFP operating forces that are equipped with Night Fighting Devices (NFD).           This manual outlines the guidelines for the commanders and staff, tactical leaders and operating troops in the conduct of night fighting operations. Users of this material should be reminded that application of various principles, SOPs, and tactics vary from one situation to another as every situation has its unique characteristics.           This manual is divided into four major areas; Principles of Night Fighting in Chapter 1 that discusses the important tenets in night combat and night operations; The Soldier and Environment in Chapter 2 that discusses the individual night fighter and the environment where he operates; The Night Fighting Devices in Chapter 3 that discusses the characteristics of each equipment and its employment; and the doctrinal guidance in Chapters 4-9, that discusses the different tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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