OPPOSING FORCES (Islamist Extremists) PAM 2-0108

     This manual is prepared as part of the Philippine Army’s thrust to prepare its soldiers for counter-terrorism, is designed for use by commanders, staff, and training managers. It is not an intelligence document. It is a training reference that identifies the local islamist terrorist group (LITG) as one of the opposing forces of the Philippine Army.      In describing the opposing force, information is provided on its history, leadership, and military forces suitable for unclassified simulations and exercises which is critical in accomplishing the objective – winning the battle of the next war. To win, there is a need for reliable weapons, proficient teams and crews, and effective tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that will successfully exploit the tactical vulnerabilities of the opposing force. However, this manual does not intend to be an authoritative reference on countering a specific enemy organization. Likewise, it should NOT BE TREATED AS AN INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENT. Rather, it is intended to be an unclassified training manual which discusses a typical opposing force which can be found in an Islamist environment.

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