Operational Graphics and Symbols PAM 8-0109

The purpose of this manual is to provide a common reference on military graphics and symbols in the conduct of land operations. It also provide a standard reference in the usage of Army operational graphics and symbols during the conduct of training and exercises. The content of this manual were lifted from the latest publications on the graphics and symbols used by the different PA major units, and other foreign publications. This manual is intended to be used by Philippine Army and the Armed Forces of the Philippine as well. The proponent of this manual is the Doctrine and Capability Integration Center (P), Training and Doctrine Command, Philippine Army and responsible to review and update publication. The readers for Operational Graphics and Symbols are encourage to submit recommended changes to improve the manual. Comments should identify the symbols or graphics, indicating exactly how a portion should be enhanced. Comments should be forwarded directly to the Director, DACIC, TRADOC, PA at Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac 2315 or via email at dcannex45@gmail.com. Feedbacks are also welcome telephonically via Bonifacio Telephone Exchange trunk line number 845-9555 or military local line number 7650 extension 4971.

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