Philippine Army Intelligence Manual PAM 2-00

Purpose.      This manual aims to provide a holistic doctrinal guide on Army Intelligence for Philippine Army commanders and staff. It will also serve as a reference for personnel engaged in the development of doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) and in the production of materials as well as in leveraging funds for institutional and unit training for intelligence operations. Succeeding chapters will give further details about the various subjects contained herein. Scope and Applicability.      This manual hopes to provide a foundation for a curriculum on Philippine Army Intelligence Education System. PAM 2-00 presents a stable body of concepts formed from actual experience in Intelligence Operations. It should constitute as Army Intelligence Operation Fundamentals. Though not a policy in itself, PAM 2-00 is a body of thought, providing authoritative guide for leaders and soldiers, even as it also allows them the flexibility to adapt to real conditions.

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