Philippine Former Rebels Facts & Figures

 Philippine Former Rebels: Facts and Figures is a handbook containing baseline data about former rebels coming from various insurgent groups in the Philippines. Facts and figures gathered from 11,000 tactical interrogation reports of surrenderees covering the period from 1986 to 2010, or 25 years, are presented in this material with the ultimate objective of providing an encompassing reference for subsequent studies. By no means did the handbook intensively analyze the reasons behind every pattern and trend surfaced from the study. Rather, it is an attempt to come up with an empirical basis from which a narrowed and focused intensive research can be inspired. This effort is based on the unpublished study of LTC DENNIS V ECLARIN and his team of analysts, initiated upon his request to pursue the effort on determining the reasons why rebels decide to join, stay, and leave the rebel movement. Considering the multifarious directions that this study can be extensively pursued, it was decided that the focus of this handbook shall be on identifying surrender patterns. The typical Filipino rebel was first profiled as part of the empirical data that may explain the mapped patterns of surrenders. These patterns were then graphed and organized according to national and regional levels, except those of Regions 8 and 11 that were completely missing in the original draft of the study. Complementing it are possible explanations of determined trends that will guide succeeding efforts to pursue select aspects of this study. Then, the declared reasons cited by the rebels themselves on why they joined, stayed, and left the rebel movement were categorized and graphed in order to understand the most basic and personal motivations of rebels from which overarching patterns are grounded.      More than three years of sedulous effort was exerted on this work. Thus, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the men and women acknowledged herein for making the culmination of this effort possible. It is hoped that the findings of this study shall inspire further studies and organizational initiatives for the betterment of the Philippine Army.

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