Religious Support for Army Operations PAM 4-0102-03

      The Philippine Army is embarking on its transformation program founded on good governance and performance excellence in order to create an organization which is capable, responsive, reliable and professional Army committed to its mandate. This manual will serve as a concise description of how the Chaplain Service provides religious support services from which the desired outcome enshrined in Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR) is concretized.        This is a valuable tool that compliments and expounds the AFP Chaplain Manual (AFPM 1-04/AFPM 14-2) by setting the basis for providing religious, pastoral, moral education, counseling services to Philippine Army personnel. This will also enhance the delivery of wide religious support services to the soldiers that the Chaplains have been performing all through the years.        This also serves as the basic reference of the Chaplain Service, its members, and for all those who want to avail of its services.

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