SOT-WA Operation in NCR

     Since the Special Operations Team was first crafted and implemented as a counterinsurgency tool in the mid-1980's, it has evolved into one of the most effective measures of the AFP to root out the structure behind communist armed rebellion in the countryside and render their guerilla bases vulnerable to the AFP's TRIAD operations.     In 2006, the SOT-White Area concept of operations was instituted by the AFP to bring out the more subtle structure of the CPP-NPANDF (CNN) in the urban environment and effectively dismantle the symbiotic link between the Red and White Areas influenced by the insurgents without the use of combat operations.      Due to its nature as the center of government and therefore the center of gravity of CNN operations, the National Capital Region naturally became  the testing ground of the efficacy of such policy. To the SOT-WA operators, pursuing counterinsurgency efforts in a fully non-combat zone has compelled them to come up with innovative approaches never before tried in military history.      The documentation of these efforts is now in your hands for your perusal and critical analysis as students of military history and crafters of future policy.     As always, this material shall be read and used with discernment for better AFP operations.

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