Scout Platoon Operations PAM 3-0501-06

     The Philippine Army is prioritizing the development of warfighting competencies of soldiers by sustaining the conduct of trainings particularly for the soldiers in the frontlines. Developing a doctrine for scout platoon operations institutionalizes the lessons learned and best practices in military operations. Further, this manual provides the unit leader with a thorough understanding of the unique challenges imposed by the operational environment as well as the capabilities and limitations of the scout platoon.        This manual also serves as a guide and reference for training and also for curriculum managers in crafting the program of instructions. This manual shall be the basis for curriculum development that prepares the scout platoon of the infantry battalion in the conduct of small unit operations.        This manual focuses on the universally accepted tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of the scout platoon in combat operations on any environment even in very extreme weather condition and is appropriate in any level of conflict. It provides commanders and small unit leaders with the knowledge and understanding of the platoon capabilities and its impact on during operations. It provides the framework and fundamentals in the conduct of scout platoon operations. It also discusses the primary considerations that affect the decision-making of the small unit leaders.

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