This manual is the primary reference for the Target Audience Analysis process. It describes the procedures and strategies derived from applied scientific and academic disciplines to improve the efficacy of Target Audience and Analysis process and the Information Support Affairs (ISA) operations as a whole.      The CMO community, in general, is the intended audience for this manual. Members of CMO offices and units should find the information particularly useful. While this manual is written to give ISA specialists a standardized doctrine, it also serves as a comprehensive how-to guide that focuses on analyzing a target audience and issue.      The manual has three sections. The first section provides the user an overview of the ISA Planning and the definition of a target audience (TA). The second section consists of Target Audience Analysis (TAA) process while the third section consists of the Issues Analysis (IA).      This manual is a guide, not a regulation. As such, the processes described herein should not limit the creativity or imagination, provided that Philippine Army policy and the commander's intent are adhered to.      Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.

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