Transforming an Influenced Municipality The New Bataan Experience

"Transforming an Influenced Municipality: The New Bataan Experience" is a welcome addition to the Army's ISO references to satisfy that growing demand, especially from field commanders, for effective ISO models to keep pace with the operational tempo set by GHQ amidst the approaching June 2010 deadline of defeating the Communist armed insurgency.The Command is truly appreciative of the efforts of LTC MANUEL V SEQUITIN (INF) GSC PA and the staff of 661B not only for transforming New Bataan from a CTM-influenced municipality into an empowered pro-government community but more importantly, for sharingthese innovative concepts to Team Army.This manifests that brilliant ideas and valuable experiences are abundant in the Philippine Army. What we have to improve on is our ability to translate these into useful knowledge that could be passed on to generations of military professionals. Documenting our efforts in the field may appear to be cumbersome and trivial. But without it, we are bound to repeat the same costly mistakes and also miss countless opportunities todeal a decisive blow at the enemy.Along this line, I urge commanders to take a closer look at the insights and paradigms offered by this material and derive lessons that are applicable in your respective areas. You can also refine the presented framework and TTPs in order to suit your peculiar needs.

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