It is imperative for the Army to fully develop its urban operations capability in order to remain responsive and deliver mission accomplishment in a highly urbanized terrain, which characterizes the Army’s current operational environment.       This publication provides guidance to Army commanders in the planning and employment of forces in Urban Operations, given the peculiarities and restrictions of urban areas as unique operational environment. Likewise, it serves as guide for training planners and managers in the development of trainings that will prepare the conventional forces in the conduct of military operations in urban terrain.      This publication provides commanders and units with an understanding of the urban environment and the characteristics, significance, and complexity of threats that may occur within urban areas. It provides the framework and fundamentals in the conduct of Urban Operations and the primary considerations that will affect the decision-making of commanders. It discusses the planning and execution of urban military operation in the full spectrum, particularly the conduct of offense and defense operations and battlefield organization in the battalion, company, and platoon levels; Maneuver Support; Special Forces Operations (surgical, precision, and high-intensity); Sustainment; Support to Civil Governance; and Joint Operations.

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